The Zone

Have you ever gotten lost in a favorite activity? Whether that’s running, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, or for me: researching social media and marketing entrepreneurship strategies. Yeah, I’m weird, get over it; I love what I do.

See that last sentence? It was a real doozy, I tried fitting in as many commas as I could and I even was able to fit a semi-colon in there! So anyway, when I’m in the zone it’s like I’m lost, mouth wide open, jaw every now and then drops, little bit of drool comes running out. But it’s okay! I’m in the zone, generally in my office or bed or the car or any place most people can’t help but stare at my complete and utter obliviousness to the world around me. That’s me researching digital media strategy.

When I’m in the zone, I’m at home and can seemingly spend hours in said zone without really realizing how much time has gone by. I research this material all the while generally trying my best to avoid my homework. Eventually, hours later, I snap out of it and do what I’m supposed to, but still, yes, you’re staring at me right this very moment and if I had an emoji for the Vulcan hand gesture, I would send it your way and laugh.

From the zone,


Published by Benjamin W. Stratton

I'm a photojournalist traveling the world sharing what I experience along the way.

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