Tourist Trap

Traveling is a huge aspect of my job and I love it! We actually received orders to Japan in a few months here and I’m very much looking forward to it (other than being so far from family). It should be a four-year assignment with plenty of opportunities to explore their amazing… Food! I love sushi. I miss the fresh sushi I’d eat all the time during my year-long assignment in South Korea. All that aside, I don’t know that’s it’s my dream tourist destination as today’s prompt implies.

I’ve always wanted to visit Europe and more specifically, I feel like, if countries can do this–I don’t know, I feel like Germany has been calling for me. I’d love to visit where Luther began the Reformation! Oh and the beer too, you know, cuz beer and religion go along so well… In this case they do because it’s Germany. “Nuff said.”

The old architecture is also a drive for me there and of course learning about a different culture. I think that’s probably one of the things that has remained ever-present in my mind following my assignment in Korea–the people. They were, on average, so nice there! I think the only time I really felt uncomfortable was in certain cabs at night. If they ever ask you if you want to watch something, just say no. Trust me, you can never unsee that. Also, my friends and are were apparently getting too loud on one of the public buses and this tender old man came up to me and started shaking his cane at me yelling, what we presumed were, profanities in Hangul. Not pleasant.

But overall, what a wonderful country I wouldn’t mind revisiting again, but off to Japan first!

From the travel wagon,


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