The Perfect Surprise Party

You know how I said I wasn’t so sure I would be able to keep up a daily blog? I caved a few days ago, but I’m back! Life gets busy sometimes and while it’s still busy, let’s pump out a quick post here about planning the ultimate celebration for someone close. So instead of planning a new party, let me describe a party I helped plan a “few” years ago.

The seemingly perfect celebratory birthday party was for my dad. It was his 40th. Mom and I went all out inviting every one of our friends from across different friends groups. Dad and I were also on the local volunteer fire department, so of course we had a fire truck in the backyard.

Dad hates surprises. Like the time he came home from serving in South Korea for a year with the Army and we had bought an Akita dog without consulting him. Yup, he hates surprises.

This time, although he’d made himself clear how he felt about surprises, we did it anyway. He loves us to this day; I promise.

He had no idea what was coming and as he road his bike home from work he could see the bright red fire truck through the trees (I group up in a VERY rural town in the Montana Rocky Mountains, so anything else would’ve been hidden through the trees). We had music, drinks, food, brats and burgers on the grill, a piñata and all our friends. What an awesome celebration held in our backyard, our happy place. It was amazing and Dad accepted it. I don’t remember if he instructed us to never do something like that again, but we didn’t anyway. Perhaps we’ll have to do something special for his 60th in five years. #evillaugh

From the party,


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