About Me

Hey, I’m Ben! Nice to meet you. If you’re wondering who’s behind the camera, you came to the right place. To sum myself up in an “about me” section is nearly impossible, but here are a few things you must know.

My wife is a beautifully talented and wonderful Speech Language Pathologist who loves children and helping them develop their communication skills. Speaking of children, we have two incredible children and a spunky Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

I’m passionate and emotional about everything I shoot. Trust me, if your family photo or video needs have all the feels, I will be there crying with you. I’m a total nerd. If you want me to talk science fiction, Star Trek, or camera gear, we HAVE to sit down for coffee or tea. I LOVE a good spiced chai tea with brown sugar.

I am a Portrait and Landscape Photographer with skills in cinematic video production and digital marketing strategy.

I’ve partnered with numerous non-profits and military organizations for more than a decade using low-cost digital marketing options engineered to give small organizations a voice.

I’m always learning through constant research and evaluation of all forms of digital and traditional communication and content marketing.