Creative Design

Design is as much about the graphical elements of an organization as it is about the content generated by establishing a foothold in today’s society. In the end, we have to be creative to fight past the commotion and stand out as an important voice worthy of being heard.

I’ve always been about finding that new and innovative idea that sets you apart from others doing the same work. For me as a photojournalist with 10 years serving in the U.S. Air Force, I’ve always had to fight to find new ways of sharing the Air Force’s story. Sometimes we come up with something mind-bogglingly creative and other times we’re telling the same old boring story in the same lame way.

Creative design is composing a message in a way that’s never been told before. Messaging is more than words on paper, spoken among friends, or shared on social media. Communications tells the story of our lives and in turn, an individual’s organization whose sole purpose in life is connecting with an audience so unreachable at times due to elements out of our control.

Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes and has to adjust for the organization its developed to represent. Today’s digital age has brought new tools including social media and various other online community building tools essential to connecting with one’s audience.

I’ve spent many years researching ways organizations can use these tools to connect with their audience using engaging and enriching tactics meant to bring the end user and organization closer. Now I want to share that knowledge and help others find their way through the often times confusing and overwhelming online arena.

Join me as we dive deeper and find ways of overcoming those obstacles designing, crafting, composing, and elaborating on the age old tale of our lives told in creative ways designed for tomorrow’s audience.