Wingman culture key to suicide prevention, resiliency

by Staff Sgt. Benjamin W. Stratton 379th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs 9/27/2013 – SOUTHWEST ASIA — Resiliency is a term describing skill sets for Airmen to bounce back and grow following adversity. The Wingman Culture strengthens Airmen by providing them the tools and support to face the challenges of military life, especially while deployed.Continue reading “Wingman culture key to suicide prevention, resiliency”

Maintenance chaplain makes big impact

by Senior Airman Benjamin Stratton 379th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs 5/23/2013 – SOUTHWEST ASIA — With the blinding sun baking down on the hot tarmac, maintenance crews strive to keep aircraft strategically poised to support troops on the ground in the area of operations. The work isn’t easy, the days are long and nerves can be frayed. ThatContinue reading “Maintenance chaplain makes big impact”